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Master's degree programs

Our programs provide an excellent education towards students with interests in public affairs and interests. Through our trainings, students will gain knowledge in state governance, public policy making and implementing, and develop skills to effectively communicate with political units and citizens, and practical skills needed for careers in public sectors.


We currently offer master’s degrees in six majors: political theory, comparative politics, public administration, emergency management, social security, and health & social medicine. Within each of these majors, we offer coursework and faculty mentorship in the following subfields:


1) Within political theory and comparative politics: political theory, comparative politics, political sociology, Chinese politics, comparative political institutions, and political philosophy.

2) Within public administration: public administration, public policy, human resources in public sector, governance in contemporary China.

3) Within health & social medicine: big data & health management, health economics and medical insurance, and health technology assessment. 

4) Within social security: theories and institutions of social security, social welfare, and human resource management.

5) Within emergency management: social risk prevention and mitigation, public safety risk management in cities, state capacity for emergency management, and governance of emerging risks.


Our master’s degrees require a minimum coursework of 32 credits and three years of enrollment. At the first semester of the second year, students need to pass a mid-term evaluation in order to continue their study in the program. To receive the degree, students also need to write and defense a master’s thesis, which includes the following steps: proposal defense, thesis pre-defense, external review, and defense. With a successful defense and at least 32 credits on transcripts, students are eligible to apply for their diplomas. We grant master’s degrees in Laws and Management.

For international student admissions

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