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Research Institutes

Center for Social Security Research of Nanjing University

Center for Social Security Research of Nanjing University is an institution of open research and personnel training approved by Nanjing University in October 2015. It is one of the first Policy and Theory Research Base of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China and the Key Construction Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu. There are 16 researchers affiliated to the center now.

The purpose of the Center for Social Security Research of Nanjing University is to make full use of the abundant academic resources of relevant schools and departments in Nanjing University, unite social security experts at home and abroad to jointly promote the research of China's social security theory and policy, cultivate first-rate social security professionals, and contribute to the reform and sustainable development of China's social security system. The center is dedicated to the research of China's social security theory and institution, and provides a platform for academic exchanges on social security in China and around the world.


The Center for Societal Risk and Public Crisis Management

The Center for Societal Risk and Public Crisis Management Studies at Nanjing University was originated from the social risk research tradition, i.e., risk, disaster, and crisis (RDC) from the 1990s, it was formally founded by Professor Xing TONG and directed by professor Haibo ZHANG right after SARS in 2003.

After more than ten years of development, Center for Societal Risk and Public Crisis Management Studies has grown into the first tier of key research bases in philosophy and social science at both Nanjing University and Jiangsu Province, and the first-ranking candidate among the all cross-disciplinary key research labs that recommended by Nanjing University to the Ministry of Education.

Over the past ten years, Center for Societal Risk and Public Crisis Management Studies has undertaken six major projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China and six major projects of the Ministry of Education on the theme of risk, disaster and crisis. More than ten projects on the same theme were sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China at different levels (i.e., key, general, youth). In publications, there are 4 articles published in one of the two top social science journals -  the China Social Science on the theme of multidisciplinary research on RDC, and more than 100 articles were published in SSCI/CSSCI journals. Moreover, many policy advices for emergency management innovation have received great attention and recognition from the governments.

At present, the Center has formed its own research uniqueness that is built upon theoretical research, integrates empirical investigations, and serves as think tank. More importantly, the Center has been and will continue to promote a multi-disciplinary research center that concentrates on risk, disaster and crisis issues from a global perspective.



Nanjing University Welfare Research Center for People with Disability


Nanjing University Welfare Research Center for People with Disability was established on May 29, 2010 by the China Disabled Person's Federation, Nanjing University and Jiangsu Disabled Person's Federation. The Research Center has a high-level expert research team, with 3 professors, 13 doctors and 10 masters, at the same time, there are also some senior scholars serving as advisors to the Center.

Relying on the multidisciplinary characteristics of the School of Government and Management of Nanjing University, as well as the comprehensive academic advantages of Nanjing University, the Research Center aims to promote “equality, participation and sharing” for people with disabilities, unite and organize relevant research institutions and  experts who are interested in the development of the cause of people with disabilities. In the meantime, explore the in-depth development of research on the cause of people with disabilities. We cooperate with the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the Jiangsu Disabled Persons' Federation to share resources in teaching and researching, discipline construction, strategic planning, talent training, and cooperation, and jointly conduct theoretical and practical research on the cause of persons with disabilities, work together to guide the practice of persons with disabilities, comprehensively improve the living environment and well-being of persons with disabilities.



Institute of Service-oriented Government of Nanjing University

Institute of Service-oriented Government of Nanjing University(ISG), founded by Professor Zhang Kangzhi in 2011, is a research institution specializing in tracking the practice and theoretical construction of service-oriented government. The goal of its research activities is to construct the development of public administration and the future social governance model of mankind. With the aim of "grasping the pulse of social development, devoting to the innovation of social governance theory and constructing the new model of social governance", ISG strives to build a platform to cooperate with scholars with common interests at home and abroad, form a dynamic service-oriented government research team, discuss major social governance issues in reality, think about improving social governance, and seek a way out to lead mankind out of risk society.

The goals of ISG are:

- Through team efforts, strive to become a research institution of social governance and service administration model with a certain reputation at home and abroad;

- Through the research of related topics, respond to the important and basic requirements put forward in the practice of social governance, and realize the scientific proof and systematic construction of the service government theory.

In recent years, ISG has undertaken more than ten scientific research projects, such as the National Social Science Fund's major project "Research on Socialist Social Management System with Chinese Characteristics" and the National Social Science Fund's major special project "Research on Service-oriented Government Theory and Practice". Members of ISG have published more than 100 papers in important newspapers such as Chinese Social Sciences and Guangming Daily, and more than ten monographs such as "Activism in Public Administration", "For the Coexistence and Interaction of Human", "Reframing Governing Narratives" and "Center-Marginal Structure of Governance". These academic achievements won the first prize of provincial outstanding achievements, and were selected into the National Social Science Fund Achievement Library and the National Social Science Fund Chinese Academic Translation Project.


Nanjing University Institute of Public Ethics

In the era of high-uncertainty, it calls, both in China and worldwide, for a shift from technological approach to a public ethics and value orientation to good governance. To improve governance capabilities and effectiveness, it is not only necessary to cultivate the citizens’ public spirit and moral awareness, but also to improve the ability of public actors to make ethical decisions in specific situations. This is a challenging and crucial task for the near and longer future research and practice in public administration. The Institute of Public Ethics at Nanjing University closely adheres to the calls of governance in this context.

As a pioneering and leading research institution in China, thanks to the support and advantages of Public Administration discipline at Nanjing University, the Institute takes a leading role in public ethics research, gathering scholars engaged in administrative ethics, public values, public sector organizations and personnel, government integrity, anti-corruption system, civil servant ethics, administrative behavior, and other fields. The institution conducts research focusing on three key issues of the public sector: institutions and norms, ethics and values, and behavior and performance.

Our main tasks include the following aspects: 1. providing a platform for members to engage in academic research, promoting open communications, and achieving a series of publications, as well as identifiable features; 2. Cultivating students, providing platform and practical opportunities for master's and doctoral students; 3. Providing reliable, professional, and valuable suggestions for practitioners, and mutual transformation of academic products and practical experiences in public administration; 4. Working as a collaborative team, advocating academic interests rooted in Chinese practice, with international vision and consolidating academic background, shaping a team ethos of strong adherence to academic ethics, unity and cooperation, and commitment to a happy adamic community.

All scholars who are interested in public ethics research are warmly welcome to join the Institute of Public Ethics at Nanjing University.