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Risk, Disaster & Crisis (RDC) journal

RDC journal was created along with the establishment of Center for Societal Risk and Public Crisis Management Studies in 2005. For many years, it has been continuously selected as CSSCI journal collection according to the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (Journal Collection) Selection Criteria. Professor Xing TONG and Professor Haibo Zhang are both editor-in-chief. RDC has been dedicated to promoting the research scope and methods of risk governance in the field of public administration. It follows the international academic frontier and calls for papers wide and open from hundreds of schools, institutions, colleges and universities while emphasizing academics, forward-looking, empirical and normative.

Major Themes:

Multidisciplinary interdisciplinary research of risk, disaster & crisis

Comprehensive Emergency Management System Research

Social Risk Governance Reach

Risk Perception and Decision-making Reach

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