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Doctoral Degree Programs

The School of Government’s doctoral degree programs provide students with trainings in political science and public administration, and equip students with knowledge in the discipline’s development, advanced socials science research methods, and innovation capacity in academia. 


We currently offer doctoral degrees in three majors: political science, public administration, and national security. Within each of these majors, we offer coursework and faculty mentorship in the following subfields:

1) Within political science: political theory, Chinese government and politics, political culture and behavior, political sociology, and comparative politics.

2) Within public administration: government organization and management, public policy, public economics, public administration theory, social security theory and policy, public health policy and management, emergency management.


Our doctoral programs entail a minimum of four years and all requirements for a doctoral degree in the School of Government must be met within a period of eight years from the date of matriculation. Our faculty members provide close advising and mentoring to our students through the process. Our programs ensure qualified training through a series of procedures, including qualification tests, dissertation proposal defense, dissertation pre-defense, dissertation preliminary review, and external review.


We grant degrees based on the following criteria: 1) students pass all required courses; 2) students write and successfully defend a dissertation with value-added topics, solid literature review, strict application of scientific methods, and theoretical and practical contribution; 3) students pass one of the following innovation capacity assessments: theoretical innovation capacity and practical innovation capacity.

For international student admissions

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