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Global Collaboration

Our school has made a series of achievements in scientific research and talents training in cooperation with overseas universities.


We signed a cooperation agreement with the School of Government and the School of Social and Behavioral Studies in Leeds university, as well as the School of Public Affairs and Administration in Rutgers University. We can recommend 20 graduate students to the United Kingdom and 3-5 graduate students to the United States each year. They can pursue double master's degrees simultaneously (they will hold master degrees from both Nanjing and Leeds University after graduation, or master degrees from both Nanjing and Rutgers University after graduation).


In addition, we also signed an exchange student program with the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, and set up a joint academic conference program with the Waseda University in Japan and the Sungkyunkwan University in Korea.

Overseas Universities and Research Institutions are Welcome to Contact Us for Academic Cooperation and Student Exchange. Please E-mail to SOG International Affairs Office: