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Features & Achievements


Following the philosophy of our disciplinary development, SOG conducted innovative research based on fundamental theories and applied research for empirical problems. In recent years, SOG has developed several research fields that are characterized with SOG’s academic spirits and competitive advantages in politics and public administration.


In the field of public administration, our key research areas include but not limited to: the foundational theory of government management, Chinese public policy processes, social security and basic public services, theory and practice of emergency management, as well as health risks and management, and they are all representative research fields in China’s academia.


In the politics arena, the following outstanding research areas have been developed with different concentrations, such as political concepts and discourse, political phenomenology, political philosophy and history of Western political thought, empirical research on political psychology and behavior, contemporary China’s state building and social transformation.


In the past decade, our major academic achievements include:

Ø  Ranked highly in the 4th & 5th disciplines evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

Ø  6 awards for outstanding achievements in humanities and social sciences research at higher education institutions by the Ministry of Education2013-2022.

Ø  67 National Social Science Fund of China & National Natural Science Fund of China 2013-2022.